Lady Liberty Please Know Thy Self"

Mural that I did in 2015 photo by Nate Larson 

Progress shot by David Muse

Lady Liberty Please Know Thy Self” made national news with singer Alicia keys on A&E Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America. Footage by  julian Hamer 

Footage from a doc called 'If Wall could Talk" by julian Hamer 

flowers for afro

- What I'm working on….still more to render with the flower, but closer then ever to being done.

Amber and Kanye


                                                  Why cant some things last forever?



Hello everyone :)

keep calm and love ur natural hair



- Since i went natural i noticed that i been attracted/ drawing a lot of  big hair/fros!! i think i might be the inspiration behind these?? idk, but yeah its been fun!